How do I cancel a booking as a host?

Host cancellations are discouraged and may be penalised in some cases. Host cancellation penalties may include listing demotion, financial penalties for costs incurred or deactivation from the platform. 

We also understand that emergencies may occur. In the event that you need to cancel on your guest, please inform them as soon as possible. We ask that where possible you assume responsibility for arranging alternative accommodation options for the guest.

To proceed cancelling your booking please take the following steps:

1. Notify your guest via FlatClub message.

2. Navigate to 'Booked Accommodation' under 'Accommodation' in FlatClub dashboard, find your booking and select 'Cancel Booking'

3. Select a reason for cancelling

4. Inform FlatClub via email about the host cancellation.

5. Finalise your cancellation by clicking 'Cancel Booking', please note that cancellation is irreversible and effective immediately.

If you have any questions about our Cancellation process, you can contact the FlatClub Customer Service team via email with your Booking Reference number. Your Booking Reference is available on your booking confirmation on your dashboard and on your confirmation email.

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