What does the room type of a listing stand for?

FlatClub generally categorises listings into three main categories: private room, shared room and entire flat/house.

When a guest is searching for accommodation on FlatClub, they can specify which type of listings they're looking for, so make sure you choose the correct room type when posting your place up.

Private Rooms are listings that gives the guest sole access to a bedroom, while there are other facilities, such as kitchen, bathroom, living area etc, that are shared with other people in the house. En-suite is a variant to a private room, of which a guest has sole access to a private bathroom. You can select 'Private Bathroom' as part of your amenities.

Shared Rooms are listings that a guest will share a bedroom space, as well as other facilities in the house, with one or more person. However, the guest still should have access to their own bed.

Entire Flat/House are a self-contained unit that provide the guest(s) with complete privacy and freedom in the accommodation. Kitchen, bathroom and other facilities are not shared with anyone in the building/flat. Studio flats are a type of self-contained unit that combines, bedroom, kitchenette and living area within a single room.

Each listings may vary in sizes and amenities, an entire flat does not guarantee an unit larger than a private room. Please check with the hosts for specifics by contacting them via FlatClub messages.

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