How do I switch payment method after a booking?


To change your payment method as a guest:

1. Log into your FlatClub account, navigate to ‘My Accommodation Payments’ under ‘Accommodation’.


2. Click on ‘Update Payment Method’ to change the details of your payment method.


3. Enter your new payment details, then click ‘Continue’.


4. Finalise your switch by entering the security code, then click ‘Submit’ to save the details.


5. Select ‘Submit’ to confirm your new payment method.

6. All done! You can now see in ‘My Accommodation Payments’ that your new payment card is registered.

Now that you have switched your payment method, we will process all your future payments from that bank account on the dates indicated on your invoice.

If you have any problems during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact FlatClub customer service!

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