How do I add a host payout method?

To add a payout method on FlatClub:

1. Log into your FlatClub account and navigate to 'My Account' on your dashboard.

2. Select your preferred payout method (Bank Transfer or PayPal) in the dropdown menu.

a) Bank Transfer

1. Select the country where your payout account is based and click on 'Enter Payout Information' then you'll be directed to an external site where you fill in the necessary details. Click 'Submit' to save your details.

2. All set! Now your payout will be sent to the account details you entered. 

Note: You can always edit those details by clicking 'Edit', then enter new details by following the step above.


b) PayPal

1. Simply enter your PayPal account email address into the box and click 'Save'.

Note: A 2.9% PayPal charge will apply.


To navigate to your FlatClub dashboard, you can click on this link.

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