What if my host told me the place I booked is no longer available and wants to offer me an alternative?

If your host offers you a different one of their flats to stay on FlatClub, and you’re happy with the change, you can make that switch as long as the new place is fully published on our website. Pay attention to the new details before you accept the change as they will be used to review a Booking Issue should one arises.

If you are not okay with a switch or your host switched the place without notifying you or providing you the new listing, please contact us so we can try to offer assistance.

If you’ve already checked in and you feel the listing is not what you booked on the site, please read details about the steps you'll need to take if something isn’t right when you check in. Our Booking Refund Policy makes sure you get the listing you reserved or you’ll be eligible for a refund.

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