What are my responsibilities as a guest?

By making a booking on FlatClub, you agree to the Terms and Conditions

You must ensure your payment card has sufficient fund to process your payment(s) on the date(s) of your invoice. Contact FlatClub as soon as possible if you require our assistance in arranging alternative payment method. 

FlatClub reserve the right to terminate your booking and incur a penalty if your payment is more than 72 hours late.

You must honour the House Rules and instructions from the Host. The Host reserves the right to terminate your booking and request the guest(s) to vacate their accommodation with immediate effect if you violate our T&C or the Host's House Rules. FlatClub can also retain the FlatClub fee even if your booking was terminated.

If Host discovers that a guest has violated the House Rules of the listing at the time of booking, please notify FlatClub via email.

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