What happens if my guest cancels the booking?

If your guest needs to cancel their booking the cancellation will be processed according to the terms of your selected Host Cancellation Policy at the time of booking. When your guest submits a cancellation, you will be notified by FlatClub message, email and SMS (if active).

Your listing calendar will be opened and made available for other guests to book. If you and your guest(s) reach a custom agreement which waives or partially waives the terms of your Host Cancellation Policy, you will need to inform FlatClub in writing and we will facilitate the cancellation.

According to our Terms & Conditions, if there were any excess payout made to you due to the cancellation, you are responsible to return the balance to FlatClub within 72 hours of the booking modification 

Any adjustments required to your payout will be reflected on your booking invoice and your Host Payouts on your dashboard

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