What should I do if something is wrong when I check in?


If you are experiencing a problem your host is always the first contact who should address your issue; allow your host reasonable time to address your issue. Please communicate all details of your complaint to your host via FlatClub message. If your host is unresponsive, please contact FlatClub to assist. 

Always review the listing and your booking details to verify your concerns: amenities provided, type of rooms offered etc.  

If you and your host are unable to resolve the issue on your own, please follow the steps below within 24 hours of your check-in to be covered by our Booking Refund Policy.

  • Submit your request to help@flatclub.com to place a hold on the host’s payout.
  • Message your host on FlatClub to notify them of your issue.
  • When possible, document the details of your issue with pictures.

If more than 24 hours have passed since your check-in, you will need to discuss your issue and any possible refund directly with your host. 

We will appoint a team member to review your Booking Issue against the Terms of the Booking Refund Policy.You must agree to be responsive to requests for information during the process. Additionally, by submitting a Booking Issue you understand and agree that a refund is not guaranteed and may not be issued. FlatClub's determination is final and binding.

You can find our full terms of our Booking Refund Policy here: http://help.flat-club.com/hc/en-us/articles/203411082-Booking-Refund-Policy

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