How do I authenticate my ID?

Authenticated ID is an important verification and is required to receive payouts. FlatClub employs an ID authentication service provider capable of processing Passports, UK Drivers Licenses and European Biometric ID cards.

Submit your ID photograph for authentication: 2 steps

1. Take a photograph of your ID with your smartphone following the requirements defined below.

2. Email the photograph to for processing. 

Photograph Requirements 

  • Bird’s eye view - 90 Degree angle looking down at the ID.
  • Display all 4 edges of the ID document in the photograph.
  • High resolution photo over 150kb - Select "Large" from a smartphone.
  • No glare from flash.
  • No fingers visible in the image.
  • A clear, focused photo. Not blurred.
  • Send both the front and back side of a Drivers License.

Example Processable Photograph

Example Unprocessable Photograph



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