Communicate on the Platform

Communication between guest and host must go through the FlatClub platform before a booking is confirmed. While it is not required after a booking, our recommendation to keep communicating through your account for easy reference. It is also helpful if you require customer service. 

Exchanging private contact information through the FlatClub messaging system is not permitted in the Terms of Use. Contact information content will be automatically removed and repeated entries of disallowed content may result in a block on your account. This policy protects user privacy and allows FlatClub to guarantee a controlled, safe environment to evaluate, book and pay for accommodation.   

When you use FlatClub messaging, the guest or host you are communicating with receives an email and oftentimes an SMS. You can expect the same results using FlatClub messaging as you would using your own email or phone.

If a FlatClub user is requesting your personal contact information or suggests to arrange a payment, viewing (without a viewing pass) or meeting outside of the platform, please report it to customer service at

If you are interested in requesting or offering a viewing, please refer to the FlatClub Viewing Policy to proceed. 

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