I haven't heard back from the host...what should I do?

When you contact a host through FlatClub the host receives an email, sms and FlatClub account notification. FlatClub sets the expectation that responding within 24 hours is best practice.

Many hosts respond much more quickly and alternatively hosts may not respond for a variety of reasons - away for holiday, temporarily disconnected from the internet, busy with work / life or other. It may also be the case that contact information has recently change and the host has not yet updated it.

If you are waiting on a host response we recommend the following: 

1. Send a follow up. 

2. Ask FlatClub support for assistance. We can not provide the host contact information but our team can assist your effort to get in touch. If for any reason the listing is unavailable we will remove it from the platform and assist you with alternatives. The FlatClub team can be reached by email.

3. Send more Booking Enquiries to other hosts on FlatClub, this will increase your chance of getting a pre-approval for your booking.


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