How do I join a club?

Depending on how you registered for FlatClub, you may already be a club member. If the email address you registered with is a valid club email address, you will have automatically became a member of that club.

If you registered using Facebook, you will automatically join any organization, workplace, or university listed there that already exists as a club on FlatClub.

If you signed up any other way, you’ll have to join clubs via FlatClub.

First, search for your club by name or location.

You will be asked to provide a valid email address associated with the university, organization, or business you are joining, which you will need to then authenticate via email.

If you don’t see your club, please let us know.

If you don’t have an email address associated with your university yet, a scan of your acceptance letter is fine.

You may join as many clubs as you like, but they will all be verified. If you need more help with joining a club, watch this tutorial video:

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