How do I book a flat?

Booking a flat on FlatClub is easy. Follow to find and book the right flat:

1. Create an Account - It's best to become a member right away. It's free. You can save your favourite listings to your dashboard as you search. You will need an account to contact hosts and confirm your stay. If you are a club member, join with your club email address

2. Search - Put in your destination and dates and click search to see all currently available results. Make your search extra relevant by putting the exact address where you will spend most of your time and filtering by budget or other amenities.

3. Contact Host - When you see a potential fit - contact the host directly on FlatClub. Click the 'Contact Me' button on the right hand side to ask any questions about the listing and to confirm availability. All communication stays on the FlatClub platform until your booking is complete. 

4. Pay - When the host approves your stay, the final step to secure the booking is to pay. Click the 'Book' button and follow the steps. Most often on stays over 30 nights you will have the option to pay in monthly instalments. 

5. Confirm - When the host accepts your request your booking will be finalised. You will receive a booking confirmation with all the details to check-in including the address and contact details for your host. We also encourage you to maintain communication on the platform when possible for easy reference of all information about your booking. 


Tips from the FlatClub Team

*Contact At Least 5 hosts. It is always a good idea to have a back up and contacting several hosts at a time will increase your chances of finding something suitable.

*Try Relaxing Your Filters. See more options and get a better sense for price and availability in the city your searching in by relaxing your filters first and narrowing it down from all that is available.


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