Does FlatClub screen hosts?

All listings are screened through a fraud prevention system when published to the marketplace. FlatClub technology screens for indicators of suspicious listings and flags for personal review by our team. We additionally encourage any FlatClub member to report a listings they find suspicious for review by the FlatClub team. We take marketplace quality very seriously.  

FlatClub requires host ID authentication when a host accepts their first booking request on the platform. ID authentication must be completed before guest arrival and before receiving payout.

When getting set up as a host, FlatClub encourages all hosts to complete several verifications. The verifications completed by a host are visible on their profile. The verifications available for completion are:

  • Verified Photography 
  • Verified Phone 
  • Verified Club Member
  • Verified Email
  • Authenticated ID
  • Reviews
  • Facebook Connected 

As a guest browsing options you may want to request certain hosts to complete their verifications before booking. The FlatClub team is available to support and facilitate these requests. 


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